Glass Coatings Perfected


WattGlass has perfected the anti-reflection coating for glass. Our durable coating has demonstrated higher performance metrics than current products in the market while also reducing fogging and particulate build up.


Extreme Wetting for Extreme Performance

Unlike normal glass, where rain forms droplets that result in water spots, WattGlass coatings spread water rapidly. This results in a surface that is both self-cleaning and anti-fogging.


Best-in-Class Transmittance

WattGlass coatings reduce the amount of light reflected from the glass surface resulting in increased transmittance of light to the solar cell. This all adds up to increased electrical output of the panel.

WattGlass is a startup company commercializing the next generation of antireflective glass coatings. We are developing solutions for solar, architectural, solid-state lighting, and other glass markets. Our process creates a nano structured surface that changes the way light, water, and contamination interact with the glass. WattGlass is glass coatings perfected.